Valentine’s Day hamper inspiration for 2021

Cue John Paul Young because ‘Love is in the Air’. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re busy hustling to help our customers tie loose ends together to create romantic, impressionable gifts for cupid’s favourite time of year.

With the average consumer spending approximately $116.21 on the annual gift for love birds, there is a considerable demand to ensure your goodies – as a business – meet the demand and criteria. As customers rush around looking for the perfect gift, retailers of all forms – be it caterers, gift shops, bakers and the like – are given the opportunity to be the answer to these needs.

So how can your business get inspired this Valentine’s Day to bring the very best hampers to the forefront of your store? We’re loving niche, creative options that think outside the box this year, so let’s narrow down some of our favourite ways to create an impressionable hamper that your customers will love, come the 14th of February,

What do you put in a Valentine’s gift hamper?

While this is entirely up to you, offering something outside of the stock-standard options on the market means you can snatch up customer interest ahead of your competitors. For example, cupcake makers can create delicious-looking treats with sassy quotes as a finishing touch, or capitalise on the huge sugar cookie trend that’s dominating the market right now.

Tip: Finishing it off with speciality cupcake boxes also gives it the perfect finishing touch, so you know those lovebirds will be well and truly glowing.

When you’re thinking about what you should put in a hamper as retailers or gift stores, this is the time to enjoy the process of brainstorming ideas that are different from the rest of the crowd.

An ideal suggestion might be to offer customised hamper solutions, so your prospective customers can choose exactly what they want in their order, instead of many items that may not all meet the mark. This is also a great way to add more value, like engraved products.

Remember, presentation is everything

Nothing turns customers off their purchase – or the recipient off their gift – more than bad presentation. If you’ve worked hard to assemble the unique items filled with careful thinking and selection, don’t throw your efforts away with subpar arrangements or packaging.

To ensure you’re hitting the nail on the head here, Valentine’s Day hampers can be carefully and elegantly curated into one of our Hamilton Collapsible Cases – with three variations available. A little touch of luxury goes a long way; trust us.

Above all, putting in the hard yards to building creative hampers is a process you should enjoy, not feel more stressed over. By lining up unique products and pairing it with the right type of packaging, you’ll establish a gift that any romantic will love to dote over.