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Our premium selection of pillow packaging is ideal for cute little wedding favours, birthday and party gifts, chocolates and sweets, holiday giveaways and more. Our kraft pillow boxes can hold whatever takes your fancy – as long as it’s delightful and small!

These come packed flat and are super easy to fold together, with the elegant curves turning plain old gift-giving into an occasion to remember with a luxury experience for the recipient. 

Our team has worked hard to make sure that we have the presentation and packaging supplies needed to match your style and brand. These unique delivery packages are available in either an elegant gloss or earthy craft finish.

Shop with confidence with Australia’s leading kraft pillow box supplier

If you’re looking to send presents, packages or customer purchases far away from home, it’s important to consider the quality and durability of your packing solution.

In order to ensure that everything arrives intact, all of our packaging solutions are constructed from the highest quality materials to protect your goodies on their journey.

Whether you’re thinking about kraft pillow boxes, or the more classic rectangle-shaped boxes and magnetic closure boxes we have on offer, a snug and secure fit is the best way to keep most travelling items safe.

Choosing the right solution for your occasion

We make it easy for families and friends to send something special to any corner of the country and for retailers to connect with their communities online. It’s up to you to reach out with a heartfelt take-away box packed with their favourite items – the choice is yours.

Looking for a solution suitable for an event? Opt for a lightweight, portable option that lets guests carry their goodies home. Designed for easy shipping and seamless use, pop a few of our designs into your basket for easy, on-the-go convenience.

Premium packaging products

Originally established in Melbourne, we have quickly risen to become one of Australia’s favourite box suppliers over the past few years thanks to our large range.

Our variety of options means that we can always supply the right packaging for your product, regardless of the shape, size and weight of your item. We also take into account your shipping needs, providing high quality and sturdy packages which will travel safely nationwide.

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Medium Pillow Pack - Gloss WhiteMedium Pillow Pack - Gloss White
Medium Pillow Pack - Gloss White
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Large Pillow Pack - KraftLarge Pillow Pack - Kraft
Large Pillow Pack - Kraft
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Large Pillow Pack - Gloss WhiteLarge Pillow Pack - Gloss White
Large Pillow Pack - Gloss White
Sale price$1.32Excl GST
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