Hamilton Collapsible Cases

Hamilton Case Boxes are carefully designed from one piece of cardboard, and feature super-fast assembly, an elegant matt embossed finish inside and out, and secure magnet-based closure.

We suspect this style is called ‘Hamilton’ after the famous watch company and their early packaging, and they are certainly synonymous with quality, just like boxfox and our wide range of elegant packaging. Choose a Hamilton Case Box when you really want to make an impression.

Functional designs Australia’s come to love

There are multiple benefits when you choose our Hamilton Collapsible Cases. First of all, they are exquisite with their minimalist styling and will make a big impression whether you are using them to present gifts or to package goods that need to be shipped.

Secondly, because these boxes are made from one piece of cupboard and are completely collapsible, you can easily store large quantities of them without the need for large amounts of floor or shelving space to accommodate them.

They are also extremely easy to assemble, so you can quickly put together large quantities of these cases when you need to ship large volumes of sales. They’re also ideal for sending out gestures to a number to friends, customers, clients or colleagues, complete with a magnetic closure to secure the products inside them.

Thanks to their versatile design, you can re-use them for other storage purposes, making them both handy for you and the recipient, as well as embracing the environment. Be sure to check out our range of hamper boxes and hamper trays for other gift-giving ideas and inspiration.

Choose a Hamilton Case Box when you want to make an impression. These designs are available through our website, with delivery across Australia.

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