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Hats are certainly back in fashion. It is quite amazing how popular hats have become and the types of hats that are now considered stylish and fashionable - like cowboy hats and bucket hats. They have become the ultimate accessory for both men and women, which makes hats of all shapes and sizes highly desirable gift items – especially for special events or occasions. 

But the challenge has always been how to ship, store and protect them when they’re not turning heads at the Spring Racing Carnival or any other event because many of these hats include delicate accessories and any pressure or mistreatment in travel can cause them to be ruined.

Large hat boxes for all occasions

Our simple, elegant black and white hat boxes are the perfect answer, no matter what occasion you have in store. Great for retailers across Melbourne and wider Australia – or just the solution for the fashion-conscious wanting to protect their precious headwear – these designs are well-proportioned, solidly made and durable enough to protect your investment from this year’s outing to the next.

Protecting your gifts should always be the priority and boxfox has a wide range of carry packs and square gift boxes to ensure your presents reach their destination in pristine condition.

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Small Hat Box - Gloss WhiteSmall Hat Box - Gloss White
Small Hat Box - Gloss White
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Small Hat Box - Gloss BlackSmall Hat Box - Gloss Black
Small Hat Box - Gloss Black
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Large Hat Box - Gloss WhiteLarge Hat Box - Gloss White
Large Hat Box - Gloss White
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Large Hat Box - Gloss BlackLarge Hat Box - Gloss Black
Large Hat Box - Gloss Black
Sale price$9.71Excl GST
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