Children’s Birthday Parties – Picking the right colours, themes, and boxes!

Birthday parties are great fun, cupcakes, ice cream, donuts, sweets and colourful decorations are all offered in copious amounts. 

Pulling off a great birthday party can create a lasting, cherished childhood memory. This article will give you some of the best children’s birthday party ideas and how boxfox’s products can help you put them together. 

Alice in Wonderland

A staple children’s party theme, Alice in Wonderland gives you a plethora of ideas and motifs to draw from. Of course, you should use edible treats as part of your decorations, drawing specifically from the tea party scene. 

Imagine a long table, covered in a lacey tablecloth, with dozens of perfectly packed and stacked macaron boxes, sweets boxes and cupcake boxes filled with pastel-coloured, light and sweet treats. 

Add tea kettles, teacups and little plates that look antique to tie together the theme. If you want to and have the budget wiggle room, you can have custom-printed tags to add to the cupcakes or macarons that say “eat me”, like the cakes Alice eats to grow big in the beloved story. If you want to go all out, you can purchase soft toys of the characters; the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hater, the Dormouse and the March Hare!

Pirates of the Canberra

A twist on the classic movie series Pirates of the Caribbean, this party theme adds Australian sweets and snacks. Make your own or order cupcakes covered in black icing and decorated with skull and crossbones. Or grab some blank natural cardboard donut boxes decorate them to look like treasure chests and fill them up with ring and filled donuts decorated in edible gold colouring. 

You can also fill up grab boxes with gold chocolate coins because every pirate needs to have their own booty to take home! 

Finish off the theme with pirate-y tri-horn hats, eco-friendly paper or cardboard swords and numerous Jolly Roger (skull and cross bone) flags. 

If you want an interactive element and have a gaming pc or console, you can set up a gaming station featuring the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and the cheeky The Secret of Monkey Island which are both appropriate for kids (the Secret of Monkey Island is more appropriate for pre-teens and younger teenagers though). 

The Friendly Future

Although popular culture is saturated with dystopian futures (Mad Max anyone?) this theme pulls from the 1950s optimism, imaginative and whimsical depiction of the future. Think the Jetsons, gleaming flying saucer cars and friendly space people. 

Your palette for this children’s birthday party theme will be silver, brilliant blues and reds. You can create simple but fun robots out of cardboard boxes. 

Use boxfox’s huge selection of blank grab boxes and sweets boxes with windows to create retro-futuristic consoles and computers filled to the brim with sweet silver-coloured treats! 

Have any questions, need any clarifications or looking for a specific solution for your children’s birthday party? Get in touch with our expert customer support team. They will help you find the perfect packing solution no matter what your theme or needs are!