Red Is The Colour Of Love!

Love! The inspiration for millions of songs, sonnets, poems and films. Valentine’s day celebrates this noble emotion, and it's the time expert gift-givers shine! boxfox has an amazing selection of packaging and gift boxes - in the requisite red hue - and other amazing colours! Because if you claim to be an expert gift giver, you know that “present”-ation is everything. 

If you are struggling to come up with the perfect gift for your significant other, this article will give a few ideas. Feel free to improvise, get creative and add to these ideas, really make them your own! 

Open up a warm world

boxfox offers amazing hamper boxes that close up securely and slide open to reveal all your thoughtfully gathered Valentine’s Day gifts. 

This package is perfect for small intimate gifts, like self-care products, candles, aromatherapy oils and luxurious skin care creams. Give your loved one a complete spa day in the comfort of their own home or something that will make their work day a bit more comfortable, like a scent diffuser or a mug warmer. 

For added attention to detail, try to purchase these products locally from an artisan or craft person. These hamper boxes are also the perfect blank canvas to decorate with stamps, ribbons and handwritten notes. 

Just remember if you are sending your gift to your partner’s office to keep the contents and decorations PG-13! 

Fiery Gifts!

If there is one colour that embodies Valentine’s Day it's RED. Boxfox offers a huge selection of luscious crimson packages. These red boxes are the perfect container for your amazing, saucy and cheeky gifts. 

If you want to enjoy the day with your S.O. grab one of boxfox’s brilliant large hamper tray and fill it up with artisanal Australian treats - cheeses, crackers, rich reds and refreshing white wines. Remember that chocolate is also always on the menu on Valentines Day so grab some handcrafted locally created chocolate confections to tease the tastebuds! 

Just a little reminder that hamper trays and boxes look great with recycled packing material like shredded cardboard! 

Good things come in little packages

A staple Valentines Day gift is jewellery. Boxfox has some beautiful square gift boxes that are perfect for all kinds of gleaming fineries. They also come in various sizes so they can fit everything from a ring and necklace all the way up to a full-blown tiara.  

Just like the other gift packaging boxfox offers these boxes are a great surface to decorate with custom stickers, ribbons and bows. If you want to add a personalized touch to your gift, you can get custom-made stickers at most copy shops with phrases, pet names or inside jokes you have with your beloved. Jewellery in a box decorated with touching homages to your relationship? You will be a gift-giving god! 

Have a question or looking for something specific you can’t find on boxfox’s website? Get in touch with our friendly, lovely and passionate customer support team!