Colourfully Creative Gift Boxes for Donuts

Some would say there is nothing tastier and sweeter than a donut with a sticky glaze and colourful sprinkles. Much loved by kids and adults alike, it’s easy to tempt customers to buy these universally loved treats by making them look even more delicious with the right packaging.

When something is packaged well, it can alter our perception of taste, so your food items must:

  • Be protected - Bakery items are delicate, and you want them to look just as fun and delicious from store to home. A squished treat isn't anywhere near as appealing as something that arrives whole and fully-formed.
  • Tempt buyers - Using a kraft or glossy box with a clear window is a great way to tempt customers to buy your beautifully packaged delights, as they can see straight inside. Let their mouths water.
  • Be delivered safely – It’s essential to use the right sized and shaped box when customers come in-store to take away, or have their bakery items delivered.
  • Look bright and fun - Nothing makes your pastries look more inviting than using packaging that showcases all that deliciousness.

All the Gloss with Artcard Window Boxes

To add a bright vibe to the experience, why not use a glossy Artcard window box with the creativity of your bakery goods to market your donuts? When it comes to dependable packaging, some of boxfox’s most reliable solutions include:

1. Gift Shipper Box - Long

Fully recyclable and created using responsible practices, this 4 item shipper box is delivery friendly and keeps your yummy goodies in one piece. Available in various sizes, these are easy to assemble and make for beautiful presentation for gifting.

2. 12 Donut Shipper Gift Box

With the capacity to hold up to 12 delectable goodies, this quality rectangular white shipper box flatpack is recyclable and easily assembled. It's made from sturdy E-flute, and is the ideal way to deliver a delicious treat.

3. Long White Window Box

You'll tempt your customer's tastebuds when you package their items in these long white gloss window boxes. Their linear design is striking, with the clear lid instantly pulling your attention towards the patisserie items inside.

Natural Beauty of Kraft Boxes

There is so much to love about the natural look of Kraft boxes, and at boxfox, we know these create a smart presentation, especially when gifting food items. Widely popular with businesses that prefer eco-friendly choices, we offer a range of options that will make memorable gift-giving:

1. 6 Donut Shipper Box

This popular cake donut box is made of quality cardboard that keeps your goodies safe, fresh and presented beautifully. Combining sturdiness with clean lines means it's not only ideal for shipping, but also makes for a pleasant surprise for the recipient.

2. Long Kraft Shipper Box

Quality packaging matters, which is why our long kraft boxes are a popular choice for patisseries and bakeries to deliver their goods in. This ideal presentation celebrates the shape and size of your goods.

The Pleasure of Giving with the Right Presentation

When you have the right presentation that protects your baked goods, you can add a colourful bright vibe to compliment your branding. The demand to stand out from the rest is made easy with our Kraft and gloss flatpacks that are high-strength and flexible.