The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is coming around again and a few things are probably flying through your mind…

Maybe you’re a little stressed because your old man is hard to impress? Maybe you’re thinking about how to one-up your siblings, so you can take the crown as your favourite? Or maybe, you simply want to show your dad how much you love him with a special gift, as you might not live in the same state or country.

Our wide variety of shipper boxes, wine boxes and hamper packaging provides you with everything you need to create the ultimate gesture this Father’s Day.

Dads are notoriously hard to please, as mums are often more expressive. So if you’re a little stuck on what to gift your beloved dad this year, take a read of the below and see if your idea can get your dad to crack a smile.

Research that wine

Wine is an easy go-to-gift when it comes to dads. Our Two Bottle Wine Box with Magnetic Closure in Matt Black makes it especially easy to present it in a luxurious way. However, you can’t make the mistake of choosing the cheapest bottle of vino or picking up any red from the shelf.

Scour your memory and try to remember what wine your dad has complimented in the past – was it a Shiraz or Pinot Noir? Was it from the Barossa Valley or the Yarra Valley? Did it have hints of spice or was it quite light to drink?

Hopefully, you have a base to work off, so you can put in a bit of desktop research and find your dad’s next favourite wine to add to his collection.

Get crafty

So your dad might not be a wine drinker, but he likes a trusty craft beer or gin and tonic. Luckily, there are plenty of craft brewers and distillers to support across Australia (especially in Melbourne).

Whether you’re looking for a pale ale, sour beer or a classic stout, there are quality producers catering to every need. For the more adventurous, there are even strange fruity flavours on the market to make you feel like you’re on a tropical island on a warm day.

For dads who like something a bit stronger, gin is definitely the latest trend in the Australian spirits market. Distilleries are experimenting with everything from shiraz grapes to native ingredients like lemon myrtle. If you’re uncertain about which flavour your dad might like, many distilleries offer sample packs with a mixture of small bottles.

You might need something a bit wider for these options, so browse our series of Magnetic Hamilton Boxes for a variety of sizes.

Is your dad a smoker?

No, not that kind of smoker. We’re talking about meat!

If your father likes to dedicate many hours to his meat smoker, send him some handy condiments to add to his pantry staples. Find him some extra chilli hot sauce, BBQ rubs or seasoning salts, then sit back for a few hours, as he experiments his new goodies for the next family BBQ.

Need more inspiration? Browse through boxfox’s online collection for easy packaging solutions delivered to your door.