Cosy Winter Feels: Give a Hamper to the Ones you Love

The days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting chilly, and nights out are turning into cozy dinners and house parties around a fire pit. We’ve compiled a selection of our favourite seasonally appropriate gifts, so you’ll never get caught out without the perfect present for the ones you love.

Think cosy with gifts in our hamper boxes

The thrill of the cooler months is being able to indulge in your favourite warm treats, so a hot chocolate mix (bonus points if it’s from a local, boutique chocolatier) and marshmallows are always a winner on those cold nights. Combine this with a big ceramic mug, perfect for hugging in your hands as you curl up on a brisk night or a cold morning.

A fluffy dressing gown and slippers are also a great idea to keep your loved ones cosy. Colour coordinate these with the packaging to truly tie the look together. Light blues pair perfectly with our white Hamilton Case, while the black boxes are the ideal accompaniment to a classic red and black plaid.

Christmas in July

It’s not fair that half the world miss out on a white Christmas, so celebrate in July with a hamper full of Christmas favourites.

Our Square Hamper Boxes are ready to be decorated in your favourite holiday themes – with the added bonus of out of season Christmas decorations being available at a discount, so you don’t need to splurge to get something incredible. Pop a bauble in with a Santa hat and some nibbles (decadent caramels, gooey nougat and some homemade eggnog if you’re brave enough), along with a CD of your favourite carols.

Made in your kitchen with love

Gifts are a breeze for those with DIY talent. The love that goes into making your handcrafted creations is sure to make them a hit with those you to give them to. The only thing better than handmade presents are edible gifts. These will also go perfectly with your carefully selected hot chocolate you’ve already chosen.

Cupcakes are perfect for every season, with their portability and individual portions making them an ideal way to share the love. If you’re up for the challenge, or are a master already, you can also try your hand at making macarons, which are sure to impress. Once you’re done, transport and presentation is easy with our Cupcake Boxes and Macaron Boxes, with perfect sizing and materials to ensure that your masterpieces make it to their new home in one piece.

A homemade beanie or scarf is also a great gift. There are many kits and tutorials online for knit and crochet patterns, suitable for every skill level. Use your friend’s favourite colours or their footy team as inspiration, and you just might be surprised at what you can create.

Whether you’re a solo gifter or a business that builds hampers, finding the right packaging for your present is essential for ensuring your boxes are elegantly finished with quality materials. Reach out to one of our sales agents, and let us help you put the final touches on the perfect winter hamper.