Making the Most of Baby Showers in September

With the highest number of births recorded out of any other month, September is a jam-packed month of celebrations for new parents and their impending arrivals. Attributed to the previous holiday season, September 17th clocks in as the most common day for babies to be born. With a host of new little ones joining your circle, this adds up to a whole lot of presents.

Beautiful baby shower gift boxes

Gone are the days of the classic baby shower in your parents’ backyard with some streamers hung from the Hills Hoist. These days, parents-to-be are going all out in their celebrations, with prop hire and catering being quite common.

With this in mind, you may want to go the extra mile to ensure that your presents fit the theme, and are presented in a way that uplifts the aesthetic. We’ve compiled a few ideas and suggestions to help you plan and execute your presents in style, which are sure to be a hit at any of your September showers.

Choose your colours

Pink and blue are the traditional colours of a shower, especially when there’s a gender reveal involved. If you’re not sure, however, pastels are always a safe colour to stick to for a gender-neutral present. Beautiful shades of yellow, orange, green and greys are always a hit, with brands providing a range of options for those who want something a little different from blue and pink.

Coordinated gift sets (or even outfits) are a great way to give something memorable, as the items will all work well together, and take the hassle away from new parents trying to colour coordinate while running on little sleep. Our white Hamilton Cases will make these bright pastel colours really pop, while providing a neutral enhancement for whatever you choose.

Traditional gifts

Baby clothes – along with homewares and gadgets for parents to use when the newborn comes – are all welcomed goodies when it comes to choosing something for your upcoming shower.

Don’t forget, though, that you can always opt for something that’s dedicated to Mum having a bit of R&R, complete with all the pampering she deserves. Ask the mums in your life, and find out what their absolute essentials were during their own newborn period. Pop together a hamper in a luxe Rectangle Box with all these suggestions, and show the new mum-to-be that it’s not all about the bub (even when it feels like is). 

Made with love

If you’re creative or crafty, knitted and crochet items are always in high demand, and can double as family heirlooms down the line.

The recent resurgence in popularity of handmade goods (whether you make them yourself or buy them from a local artisan) has increased their perceived value. No longer seen as low budget, handmade presents are valued as an intimate and cherished gift, due to the time that goes into them.

Think outside the box (pardon the pun) and present these creations in a windowed Macaron Box, allowing for them to sit on display throughout the day, without having to be handled and touched by every curious aunt. For added convenience, opt for a Grab Box with a carry handle. The shape and size are perfect for a bib or baby booties, while also looking incredible.

Now that you’re on top of presents that are sure to impress this September, reach out to boxfox to find the perfect packaging. Get in touch with us today for more information or assistance.