Four Exceptional Corporate Gifts That Will Make You Look Great

When you run your own business, gift giving is more than fun and games. Every gesture you give, from welcome gifts for your new clients to holiday presents for your best customers, is a direct reflection on you and your firm. If you want that reflection to be a good one, you need to choose your options with care.

While a great present can enhance your brand image, garner the loyalty of your customer base and bring you more business, a poorly chosen or cheap item can do more harm than good. If you want yours to be well received, used and appreciated, you need to think carefully about your clients, their tastes and preferences and what they really need.

The secret of great gift giving is to tailor each one to the client who will be receiving it. Cookie-cutter gifts may be fine for friends and relatives who stop by unexpectedly, but when it comes to corporate contexts, the generic approach simply will not do. With that in mind, here are some exceptional options that are sure to be used and appreciated all year long.

#1. Subscription Services

The great thing about these monthly gift boxes in Australia is that they serve as a regular reminder of your company, your brand and your generosity. Instead of giving one big gift at holiday time, you can give monthly gestures, each one chock full of gourmet goodies, exceptional wines and other tasty treats. You can even honor the pet lovers in your client list with a monthly subscription box filled with gourmet dog treats or specially selected cat toys.

#2. A Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Chances are you have a few wine lovers on your corporate list, so why not give those aficionados a spectacular basket? If you have a local winery in your backyard, you can order customised hamper boxes filled with select vintages, gourmet cheeses and other delicious items.

If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, you can hand craft your own wine gift basket. Just choose an attractive basket, add your favorite vintages, throw in a couple of glasses and top it all off with an elegant bow. You can even have the wine glasses engraved with your company name and logo, giving your client one last reminder of your good taste and generosity.

#3. Gourmet Chocolates

Rare is the client who does not like chocolate, so this gourmet option is appropriate for nearly anyone. No matter what type of chocolate you choose, this is one present your client is sure to enjoy and appreciate.

If you live near a local gourmet chocolatier, you can ask them to create a gift basket stocked with their best sellers, then top it off with some gourmet hot chocolate, a stylish plate engraved with your company logo and anything else you feel is appropriate.

You can also make your own custom chocolate basket stocked with the best varieties, most delicious flavors and much more. No matter what you choose, you can never go wrong indulging your client's sweet tooth.

#4. Custom Framing

If you know your client has a favorite photograph or special painting, the gift of custom framing is an appropriate choice. If you have access to a copy of the photograph, you can have it custom-framed, complete with an elegant mat and all the accoutrements. If not, you can give a gift certificate for professional framing at a local frame shop.

No matter which approach you choose, be sure to throw in a brass plaque engraved with the name of your company and your custom logo. Once again, this will serve as one final reminder of your brand, and the generosity of your present.

As a business owner, you need to wear many hats, from chief salesperson to leader of the complaint department. When the holiday season and other special occasions roll around, you will need to choose your gifts with care. You know your clients better than anyone, and tailoring your options to the specific tastes of each client is the best way to enhance your brand image and build your professional relationships.