Christmas Gifting with Style and Elegance

When you run your own business, gift giving is more than fun and games. Every gesture you give, from welcome gifts for your new clients to holiday presents for your best customers, is a direct reflection on you and your firm. If you want that reflection to be a good one, you need to choose your options with care.  It’s a perfect way to reward your hardworking team.

When Santa comes to town, you will need to choose your gifts with care. You know your clients better than anyone and tailoring your options to the specific tastes of each client is the best way to enhance your brand image and build your professional relationships. Avoid lower quality gifts that can impair your image. Purchase quality products without breaking your budget. Give the wrong gift and it might end up shoved in a bottom drawer.

As important as choosing the right corporate gift for your client is the packaging of the gift itself. Spend the time and money on the wrapping to reflect your value on client relationships. It's far too easy in this Hallmark age to simply send a card with your gift and signature. For a more lasting impression, add a handwritten note sharing your thoughts.

Our collection of boxes will help you make your gifts shine. It may be that corporate client whose penchant for a luxury gift would be best displayed in one of our Hamilton Case’s or perhaps something more playful and fun like a candy and goodie filled Sweet Box or Grab Box.

What about a selection of gourmet cheeses, crackers, sweets and other delicious items would make the perfect Hamper Box or Hamper Tray.  You could always make it grander by adding wine bottles from your local winery and spirits from a bespoke distillery, any of our Christmas Gift Boxes or Gourmet Display Boxes will present these perfectly.  

With over 150 boxes in our range, no matter what the gift, you can be confident of finding the right Festive Season packaging at