Gifting Personalised Jewellery that will make an Everlasting Impression

Celebrating an anniversary, birthday or milestone occasion? Why not give something a little extra special, with personalised jewellery that your loved ones will treasure for years to come?

When it comes to marking the occasion, jewellery makes for a thoughtful, meaningful gift that really shows that you care – especially when it’s been personalised. Having a bracelet, ring or necklace engraved with your loved one’s initials, a special date or message makes the present truly unique and one of a kind.

Such a special keepsake deserves beautiful packaging to really make an impression. Here at boxfox, we have a range of luxury packaging solutions that will wow your recipient and make for a magic moment. Let us show you how.

Mark the occasion with a truly memorable gift

Life is full of precious milestones that deserve to be commemorated. Here are a few gift ideas to help mark those special occasions:

  • Wedding/ Engagement: Your wedding or engagement is one of the biggest moments of your life, and engraving the ring with the date and your personal monogram will make this piece truly unique to you and your partner. These rings may even become heirlooms over time – passed down through your family from generation to generation.
  • Anniversary: Jewellery is a perfect present for your partner. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet, this gift is sure to make them smile and know that they are truly cherished. You might also present them with roses in one of our magnetic closure boxes, which are truly stunning as a perfect keepsake box.
  • New Baby: Engrave a bracelet with your baby’s initials and birth date. The bracelet may only fit their tiny wrist for a while, but it will provide a gorgeous keepsake you can cherish forever. You might also choose a birthstone to mark the month your child was born in.
  • Graduation: A beautiful necklace or bracelet, marked with your young person’s date on graduation, can be a treasured keepsake to take with them as they head out into the big, wide world – especially when presented in beautiful packaging.
  • 18th or 21st Birthday: Turning 18 or 21 is such a big moment in any young person’s life as they take their first steps into adulthood. Mark the occasion with a personalised necklace, pendant or bracelet in a little box – perhaps the first letter of their name on a chain, or birthstone jewellery based on the month they were born in.

Your loved ones are sure to look back on these fondly in the years to come, as these pieces will instantly conjure up treasured memories.

Our gorgeous gift solutions

Presentation is everything when it comes to giving such a meaningful gift. Our pillow boxes are an elegant way to present jewellery to your loved ones for an everlasting impression – they are small, sturdy and will keep your present safe and secure until the big moment when it’s finally unwrapped.

We have these uniquely shaped packages available in either an elegant gloss or earthy craft finish to really complete the look. They’re also quick and easy to assemble as you’re heading out to the big occasion.

If you need any further tips or advice, speak to the experienced team here at boxfox. We have a range of packaging solutions that are sure to suit the occasion and wow your recipients.