Growing Your Real Estate Brand By Presenting Clients With Settlement Gifts

Real estate can be a challenging industry to penetrate, and it carries a unique caveat: You are your brand. People are looking for a home for their family or business, so they need to trust you and feel like they are well looked-after, during the buying process and beyond. 

Offering your clients, a personal and thoughtful settlement gift in a beautiful magnetic closure box is a touching and warm gesture and a smart business move. It can help you promote your brand and grow your presence in this competitive but extremely rewarding line of work. In addition, a professionally packaged settlement gift can help you stand out from your rivals, leave a lasting impression on your new clients, and hopefully introduce you to new clientele. 

First Impressions Count

Your settlement gifts can include a wide variety of housewarming gifts, gourmet snacks and confections. Packaging your gift in a premium magnetic closure box can lend an air of sophistication and prestige that speaks volumes about you and your personal brand. Another benefit of using boxfox closure boxes is that they are a blank canvas for you to further promote your brand identity with design labels, ribbon, stickers or go the extra mile with wax seals.

Get Social

Sure, to be a successful real estate agent you must put yourself out there, be social, charming and talkative, but it's also hard work and long hours. There is no such thing as a self-made professional; everyone needs a little bit of help! Add a little card to your settlement gift, packaged in an exquisite hamilton collapsable case and ask your clients for a little shout-out on social media! You can ask them to record a video of them opening your settlement gift with your firm’s hashtag or a link to your professional account. 

Of course, if your gift is impressive enough you might not even need to ask, people love unboxing videos - the more surprising and personalised the gift, the higher the chance your clients will share your gift online. 

Go Local

Why not use your gift to highlight the area's amenities? Is there a quant bakery around the corner from your listing? How about a neighbourhood microbrewery with a selection of refreshing ales? A local area artisan that creates beautiful art or decorative objects? Adding a bit of local flair to your gift will show your clients that you are not only selling a house or an apartment but that you genuinely care. 

This knowledge of the area will also help promote your personal brand and real estate business. Imagine this conversation “Wow, where did you find (insert amazing gift you included in your box)?!” “Oh! My real estate agent (insert your name here) included it in the adorable settlement gift she gave us, here’s her card! It’s from a place down the street!"


Need a little bit of help choosing the perfect packaging for your settlement gift? Reach out to boxfox that will help you make your decision a bit easier, because if it's one thing they know it's gift boxes and packaging!