Understanding The Different Types of Catering Boxes and Their Unique Uses

As the old saying goes “We first eat with our eyes”. Great packaging can excite, introduce your brand to potential customers and even give a little preview of the delicious treats inside. In most cases, packaging is the first point of contact with your clients, making it an important branding opportunity and introduction of your products. First things first though, to ensure your confections, snacks and food products reach their destination in pristine condition and be enjoyed like you intended (not smashed or pulverised), you need to choose the right type of catering boxes for your application.

This article will walk you through the extensive list of catering boxes Boxfox offers, their uses and hopefully by the end of it - you’ll be able to decide the best ones for you! Boxfox even offers ten dollars off your first order!

Carry Packs and Trays

Carry packs and trays feature convenient cutouts that make them easy and comfortable to carry. This is an important feature if for example you are putting together a promotional or gift basket that will be given to people in person. The large deluxe hamper tray, is perfect for holiday gifts, with a bit of crepe paper for visual pizzaz, it can be quickly and easily assembled, and its open top means that it’s perfect for oddly shaped products or ones with unique packaging. For more uniformly shaped packaged or loose product, like cookies for example, a great choice is the large carry pack which closes securely and comes in multiple colours including a festive red! Another convenient option, is boxfox’s Amelia cupcake carrying boxes which as the name implies is specifically designed with cutouts on the inside to hold cupcakes upright and at a distance that ensures the frosting is intact. These attractive catering boxes even feature a food safe window so your clients can be tantalized by the sweet treats inside.

Grab Boxes

Grab boxes are perfect for candies, nuts, or other individually packaged food products. They come in a variety of sizes and colours so you can find the type that work the best for you! Grab boxes also feature windows that display your beautiful products before they’re even opened. They can be combined with hamper trays to create a gift basket that is truly your own, that presents a variety of your delicious food products!

Grazing Boxes

Grazing boxes are a great addition to any food business’s offerings. Perfect for holiday get togethers, party hosting, game days and conferences - grazing boxes can be filled with any of your most popular food items - spicy chicken wings, nuts and savoury treats, sandwiches and the most fashionable of the bunch: charcuterie! BoxFox offers an extensive selection of grazing boxes to best fit your needs. Use events such as big games and holidays to provide your customers with themed grazing boxes to help promote your business and products!

Use Packaging for Branding

Since catering boxes are blank, you can use it as a branding opportunity, helping you promote your shop, company, and products. Decorate them by hand for a personlised touch or create stickers and stamps with your logo, shop telephone and address. Add your business card on the outside with a hole punch and a bit of ribbon some extra visual intrigue. Create a memorable experience for you customers and gift recipients with packaging that is both a personal and visual statement. Remember that your catering box is a completely blank canvas, both inside and out!  

If you aren’t sure, you are choosing the right catering boxes for your products, feel free to reach out to boxfox, they know a thing or two about packaging!