Home Away from Home: Making Mum Feel Special This May

Wishing Mum was a little closer to home? Celebrate the most important woman in your life this Mother’s Day by sending a gift from abroad.

With high-quality shipper boxes, small hampers, collapsible cases and more, you get to pick out Mum’s favourite treats no matter her taste or style. Take one less worry off your plate this May with our range of shipping solutions, which will get everything you need to send to her safe and intact.

Looking for ideas about what to pack and send? Check out some of our favourite gift box ideas below.

Sending Gifts to Mums Far Away

  1. If she likes to cook: Does your Mum love to taste test? Why not send her something like a recipe card, spice mix, tea or small kitchen wares. Our small boxes are ideal for sending these. By adding to her kitchen and helping to support her favourite past-time, you can be sure to add to her daily happiness and routine, while setting her up for some great Instagram-worthy food shots.
  2. If she’s into skincare: Shopping for a lady who likes to indulge? With more families staying home these days than ever, help your Mum treat herself with her favourite skincare products for an at-home spa day. Durable and safe for transport in a sturdy cardboard gift box, send a very special surprise this May.
  3. For something special from the kids: Have your little ones been working hard to make special cards, crafts and presents for Grandma? Consider putting together a Kraft Box filled with memory pieces that can be savoured as your little ones grow and age. Lightweight and easily delivered, these special boxes can be sent affordably both near and far.
  4. If she loves coffee: If Mum’s living abroad, why not send her some of Melbourne’s finest roasted from a local café, and pack it up with a mug and spoon? On arrival, all she has to do is grind, pour, steep and be transported back to her favourite café – no matter which country she currently calls home.

Personalised Presents from Home

From gift boxes to carry bags, hamper boxes and more, our team knows how important it is to have a safe, secure item to help carry your Mother’s Day gifts.

Whether Mum is just around the block or living half a world away, our Shipper Boxes, Hamper Boxes and Hamilton Boxes can keep a snug fit around your special items without taking away from their aesthetic or design appeal.

With same-day shipping and dispatch Australia-wide, consider your coming Mother’s Day gift from top to tail with our reliable, affordable range. Our parcels are pre-weighed to confirm your expected shipping fees and guaranteed to withstand even the longest journeys.

Australian-owned and operated, with a friendly customer service team ready to assist, feel free to reach out to us today and let us help you pack your Mother’s Day presents.