RECAP: Food Packaging Trends that Took 2020 by Storm

The business of packaging food offers an endless outlet for innovation. There’s a growing movement towards eliminating plastics while opting for sleek, modern and functional design, material selection, and interactions with the container itself. All of this is changing the way the industry works, and we’ve seen plenty of dominating trends light up space throughout 2020.

So now that a new year is well and truly in full swing let’s take a glimpse of ‘what was’ and ‘what will be’ for food packaging trends.

Trend 1:  What food packaging is recyclable?

This question drove many industries across 2020. The sustainability mindset is at the forefront of modern living, no matter what space you work in or where you live.

Naturally, wastage and wrapping are two of the most significant concerns to those looking for food or beverage packaging, especially when it comes to plastic designs. Last year, leaps and bounds were made in this field, sprouting start-ups and eco-friendly alternatives that consumers love to buy, recycle, and learn about.

One of the things we saw was a step towards single-use edible packaging, made from plant-based ingredients. Leaving nothing to waste, these products’ exteriors are gone along with their contents, with no trace left behind. It does raise the question of hygiene and freshness, which is hugely topical in the light of the pandemic.

Interestingly, consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable wrappers, so we expect this innovation to gain a hold in years to come, complete with more hygienic features.

Trend 2: How packaging affects foods

In this front, technology made a big appearance. Integrated NFC chips and sensors have found their way into boxes, monitoring temperature, freshness, and protection. In a time where health is so hugely important, innovations like this are critical, and we can expect to see them further rolled out shortly.

The unfortunate fact is that they do not tie in so well with the sustainability factor, as recycling these materials isn’t as simple – at least for now.

Trend 3: How can we be creative with food packaging?

The value of containers and protective items for edibles is always recognised, but as we mentioned in the first trend, the world wants less of it. Manufacturers are becoming more creative with options and going for all-in-one solutions that can fit much more than a single product to cater to the demand.

Examples of this are our cupcake gift boxes or cleverly designed options that hold small elements that would otherwise have their own individual wrapping, together in one place instead.

However, many fast food outlets still utilise more practical designs over sustainability, or the need to reduce the amount of packaging used. As things stand, these resources often made from plastic, but there’s a move towards making these solutions biodegradable. Unlike paper, glass or wood, it’s difficult to balance the hygienic demands of food containers and their structural quality. Still, we’re hopeful that solutions will meet in the middle in the near future.

In the meantime, the Box Fox standard of quality and style is always an option for those sending out delicious delicacies to the world. Accessible at wholesale prices, we always strive to lessen our impact on the environment.

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