How to create an irresistible men’s gift hamper this Father’s Day

The gift industry is constantly thriving with endless ideas and products that can be assorted inside cardboard gift boxes or hamper trays. So in order to really stand out from your competitors, you need to generate the perfect hamper. There are three simple, yet crucial steps, which determine the ideal gift hamper, tailored for the high-class man this Father’s Day.

Crafting the perfect gift box

Step 1. Choosing your gift display box

Choosing your boxes for packaging is extremely important in influencing how your hamper is perceived. High-quality magnetic closure Hamilton cases with soft matte emboss papers and sleek design will often pick up the tones of your items in an understated bespoke manner. A cheaper more common style will change the perception of your hamper very quickly, regardless of the items you choose to offer within your display and will not allow it to stand out from the competition. Simplistic designs are generally more effective in presenting a bespoke gift than something that is draped in glitter and sparkles.

Colour is also an important factor when deciding which hamper box to purchase. Warm colours such as red, orange and yellow generally symbolise passion and energy as they represent fire and sunsets. Neutral colours such as black and white are very popular in design as they are associated with elegance, formality and sophistication.

Step 2. Sourcing your gifts

‘WOW’ is the response we want from dad when he opens your hamper box and instantly loves every product carefully curated to fit perfectly next to one another.

So, the million-dollar question is: what should we put inside?

Our target audience is men who enjoy a few simple luxuries in life such as cigars, wine, aftershave, gourmet chocolate and coffee, salted macadamias, bottle opener, zip lighter, cigar cutter, cigar case, etc.

The list goes on…

Although these items seem easily accessible, in order to differentiate yourself from competitors in this saturated market, the location of where you source these products can make a huge impact. Boutique, idyllic places can supply you with limited editions of the products on this list that will contribute to the wow factor and make you stand out from your competitors who purchase from local shopping centres.

In addition to the list provided, you could even attempt to source unique items to complete your hamper that are rare, hard to find or not available in stores. The more effort you invest in your gift, the happier the customer and the more successful you will be.

Let’s talk about cigars

With origins from the time forgotten Nation of Cuba and its capital Havana, Cuban Cigars and Rums for that matter, have for an eternity represented success and the high life to men around the world. Carefully handcrafted items like these are a great way to give your hamper box the spice it needs to make it an experience to remember. Leather Cigar holders and luxurious ashtrays will also complement the experience awaiting your gifts recipient.

Step 3: Arranging your hamper

The internal item arrangement is extremely important to the overall presentation of your gift. Think about the look you want for your final presentation, how you want the receiver to feel and how you are going to affect this.

Don’t try to cram too many things in one gift display box, as it will cause information overload and dad will find it difficult to focus. We recommend three to five items that sit well aesthetically with one another. A little trick is to first place the larger items inside the box and then arrange the smaller items around the main piece, making sure to leave enough space between the items.

Ensure to always stick to the theme, ranging from the products to the tissue paper and the external box. This will enhance the ‘wow’ factor whilst simultaneously strengthening your brand image.

Remember, a hamper is a customised gift to impress across many levels and as Aristotle once said: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.”