Buying Wholesale Wedding Favours

Some people say your wedding day is the most important day of your life. If you’re judging it by the impact on your wallet, this is certainly true! Everything from the dress to the flowers seems to cost a fortune, and smart brides and grooms everywhere are starting to learn more about saving money while keeping the wedding beautiful and memorable.

Unlike the bride’s dress and the huge cake, you’ll have to purchase many wedding favours. It’s cheaper to buy almost any bulk item wholesale, so look for wholesale wedding favour stores to help you save a little money.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favours

Some items that are easy to find actually make for great gestures on these occasions, especially when you choose the right gift boxes to go with them. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a wholesaler who supplies candles, candy tins, packets of flower seeds, pens, or stationery.

Where to Find Them

Once you’ve decided what kind of wedding favours you want, you can find wholesalers online. Search for “wholesale wedding favours”, and you will find many websites and stores that will ship them directly to you. If you’re shopping on any other website, look there, too.

Stores in your area might also have sales on these items throughout the year; keep an eye out when you’re visiting them and start planning early.

Whether buying in person or online, make sure you will actually have the favours at least two or three weeks before the big day. If the items need to be personalised somehow, order them even earlier.

How to Present Your Favours

When you buy wedding favours wholesale, you’ll have more money left over for other aspects of the big day, including the wrapping materials for these little gestures. The time it will take to wrap them might also be something to keep in mind, unless the store will ship them already wrapped up and you can afford the extra fees they will likely charge.

The actual gift paper can often be bought wholesale too, which is a particularly appealing option if you have many favours to dress up, or they are large favours. Remember to include this in your budget and look for supplies well in advance of the wedding date. Wrapping paper, tape, and ribbons are all necessary supplies that you’ll have to find a stockist for.

Once you have ordered and received both favours, you’ll have to worry about actually getting them wrapped.

If there are going to be many guests, it will take a long time to do this, so as soon as you get your items, set aside a day to wrap them! Get friends and family to help you and you’ll have a lot more fun. Explain how they are going to be wrapped (choose a simple style rather than a complex technique to save time) and set up boxes to store the goods until the wedding date.

Choosing, finding, and wrapping wholesale wedding favours is relatively easy and will definitely help you save money on your big day!