How Your Packaging Can Increase Social Media Engagement

We live in a visual world, Instagram, the arguable king of visual focused social media, has a staggering 500 million daily users and is the second most used social media platform in Australia. Here’s the real headline, though: according to smperth, 82% of surveyed “instagrammers”, said they were open to finding new brands on the platform and 89% said they had followed, visited a website or purchased from a brand they engaged with on the platform.

It’s not just Instagram either you can engage with potential clients across social media - including Facebook, TikTok, Twitter even YouTube…but presentation is everything. You might be wondering how your packaging from BoxFox can increase social media engagement, and luckily that’s exactly what we are going to look at in this article!

The Social Media Set-up

Before we dive into how to use your packaging to increase engagement, you’ll need a couple of things. An affordable light box, a few lights, and a decent camera phone will help you make the most of your new social media endeavour! 

Using Packaging as a Prop

I’m sure you’ve seen looping videos of people popping the top on a box filled with rows of beautiful pastel macarons, (We’d “like” a video like that!). Another great video idea is showing you or your staff packing a window box with artisanally made cupcakes or delicious homemade cookies and sending them off to the lucky customers.

Unboxing Videos

Here’s a social media trend that features packaging front and centre! Food photography and unboxing videos are extremely popular on almost all social media platforms - and you can present both on your channels with fun packaging like the Corfu Lolly Box (which comes in brilliant colours) or the Milos Grab Box. Fill up these attractive window boxes with the confections or your product of choice then take videos and photos as you “unbox” it. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate what your potential clients can expect when they order from your company while also taking advantage of these two highly engaging trends.

Milestone Giveaways

If you are looking to achieve a specific social media milestone, i.e. a certain amount of followers, you can incentivise your audience to act by offering a giveaway. Award one or a group of people who help you achieve said milestone with your products. Put your product in attractive packaging to announce your giveaway and create “teasers” by unboxing what the lucky winners will get!

Big Order? Show the World!

People love a peek behind the proverbial curtain - and is there anything more fun than seeing a huge order being prepared? Rows of colourful boxes, filled with delectable treats, getting ready to be sent out to happy customers. This presents multiple opportunities too, you can show your audience the process of staging the orders, packing them and even shipping them out. 

Get Creative!

People, no matter where they are - even in real life, not only on social media - love to be surprised. Use your creativity to create unique content that will delight, make people smile and ultimately follow you!