Sending Products and Gifts Safely and Securely with Gift Shipper Boxes

Think of the joy of receiving a package. You grab the scissors, cut the tape - to reveal a pristine new gadget, an intact vintage vase, maybe a crisp, clean t-shirt that came from across the ocean. Sure the product you received is the protagonist of this story, but there’s an unsung hero here; the box your new purchase came in. 

Keeping the gifts and products, we receive pristine since 1817 - the humble but extraordinary important gift shipper box ensures a great experience for both the recipient and the sender. 

No matter what side of the gift-giving you’re on - giver or receiver - a robust gift shipper box ensures that what you are sending or receiving arrives in perfect condition. 

Customer Satisfaction and Cost Saving

If you are a small creator or business owner, returned and damaged products can cut into your profit margins. Getting a damaged product due to inadequate packaging can also hurt customer satisfaction. Beyond these very tangible effects, using a high-quality gift shipper box can convey an air of professionalism, and there are even ways you can use a  blank box as a branding opportunity, which I’ll cover further below - keep reading!

Thinking of Someone? Send Them a Gift Box

Although the digital era has made communicating with loved ones we live far away from much easier - sending an unexpected box of mementos and treats - can make your loved ones' day while telling them, “Hey, I’m thinking about you!”. If your loved one is far from home, like studying at University or working abroad - maybe you can send them a “local” care package with treats from their favourite local bakery or shop. I’m sure that special someone in your life would greatly appreciate a box of lamingtons from the bakery down the street!

Small Business Owner? Brand the Box!

The outside of our shipper boxes are essentially blank slates that you can use to promote your business. With stamps, stickers, ribbons - you can tell your beloved customers about your products, what’s important to you and your company or just increase your brand’s awareness.

Choose from the different colours offered: white, black or kraft, depending on the type of business you have and the colours you use for your branding. Generally, white is a neutral color that a multitude of businesses can use, black is often associated with luxury products. Kraft cardboard is excellent for packaged food items, organic items or vegan products. Of course, since the boxes are blank, you could use your creativity and make them any colour you like!

Extra Tip: Add a Surprise to the Surprise

We’ve all seen the viral images of a secret message being hidden under the covers of pizza boxes. Some were requested by the customers - like a drawing of a dragon which is my personal favourite. So why not hide a secret message under the lid of your gift box, its a nice personal touch that is bound to bring a smile to your customers face.