Revamp Your Company Image with These Gift Boxes as Promotional Packaging

First impressions are important. That is why you need to be conscious of your company's image, especially if you are looking to undergo an image revamp. One way to do so is changing up your promotional items.

Promotional items serve a specific goal whether you are a new or established business. That is, they help increase brand awareness. In fact, as much as 83 percent of consumers say they can readily recall the advertiser of a promotional product while only 7 percent achieve brand recall after viewing a television commercial. Hence, using branded items is a great way to launch and make your new image more visible.

That said, your promotional item will have little impact if you don't present it right. It's the packaging, after all, that delivers the initial appeal. To give you some inspiration, here are some ideas on how you can revamp your company image with promotional packaging using boxes.

Use Boxes for Packaging and Make the Perfect First Impression

Take-Out Gift Box

Ever wondered why Chinese food takeout food boxes have never really changed over the years? More than being convenient and fun to eat out of, these products also have an iconic design, making anything that you plan to give away as a promotional item stand out.

Because of the takeout gift box's unique design, you can fill up the space with just about anything – chocolate, candy or dog treats. If you have a spa business, you can use it to give away aromatherapy kits or even a set of hand towels and soap.

What's great about this type of packaging is that the lock is right on top, securing its contents so it won't spill easily, even during transport.

Hope Chest Gift Box

Admit it; there's really nothing catchier than a chest box. After all, you can't help but think that there's treasure waiting for you inside. They trigger a person's curiosity because of their sense of mystery, making it extremely alluring and appealing to potential customers.

These designs can be used to give away several kinds of promotional items in sample sizes: body sprays, shampoos, perfumes or even essential oils. Looking to give away plushies of your company mascot, a hope chest may be just the thing. You can also fill it up with edible treats like candy, trail mix, or chocolate. After all, who doesn't want to eat out of a treasure chest?

Consider any of these promotional packaging ideas to help kickstart your company image revamp. If your business has been giving away the same thing each year, using a new type of promotional packaging is a great way to spice things up. Before you know it, you'll be the talk of the town – and more importantly, your customers.


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