Take The Party With You With The Perfect Wine And Beer Packaging

It’s around that time of year when people start to dust off their barbeques and spatulas, pull out their coolers and stubby holders. What goes better with your favourite charcoal-grilled meats and vegetables than refreshing local beers and wine? Lucky for you boxfox has some amazing and sturdy beer and wine carriers, so your beverages make it to their destination in one piece! 

This article will walk you through some of the solutions boxfox offers and even give you some tips to help you add a bit of extra flair to your present - so you can give your friends the perfect BBQ gift! 

The artisanal gift

If the gathering you are going to is a bit upscale - your gift should “rise” to the occasion. boxfox offers some amazingly elegant two-bottle display boxes some even feature magnetic closure for an added touch of refinement. 

Even though the box will do the literal heavy lifting, you’ll have to choose an appropriate vino to add to it. Australia is world-renowned for its wines, so that shouldn’t be too challenging! Sparkling or effervescent wine is excellent for a bit more class if you want to impress. 

Bottle shop, Brewery or Winery shipping

If you are looking for a way to increase your business in the summer, shipping alcohol packed in sturdy wine gift postage boxes is a great option. This is especially true if your shop or business offers a unique selection of wine or craft beer. 

Summer revellers will love a crisp IPA or refreshing lager - even more so if it's something they can’t find at chain stores or other retailers. Just make sure you follow Australian law regarding delivering alcohol that prohibits delivering to intoxicated people or minors. We want to have fun, but we should do it responsibly! 

Carry more than one

What if you're just walking down the street to a neighbourhood cookout? Well, boxfox has you covered, offering four and six-bottle carriers. This is a great solution when you want to share a selection of your favourite beers or wines with your gracious hosts. 

All of these carriers pack flat - so you can stock up on your favourite wines or beers and have a few carriers stowed away on a shelf without taking up too much space. If you tend to have a few bottles of wine or beer on hand, this makes for a great last-minute gift too! 

Add some flair! Decorate your gift

All of boxfox's boxes are blank and ready for your creations, making them the perfect canvas to decorate with funny messages, stickers and stamps. If you have a business that sells beer and wine, you can use the box’s blank surface for branding, promotion or both! 

If you are shipping your products, you even include discounts or leaflets asking your clients to review your products if they like them!