How To Keep Your Produce Fresh When Catering In Summer

Summer is the time for cookouts, visits to the beach and just hanging out with friends and family. This creates an excellent opportunity for small local businesses to introduce their products to new customers and hopefully create some ongoing relationships. 

If your local business deals in delicious but perishable produce, keeping it fresh in the warm weather can be a problem. Hopefully, this article will give you a few solutions on how to keep your produce fresh when catering in summer, with some special packaging from boxfox. 

Package your food items in dry ice

Although dry ice should never be eaten or swallowed, food-grade dry ice is completely safe to keep food items at the right temperature. You can purchase one of boxfox’s catering grazing boxes or hamper catering boxes to pack your edible items in. Not only are these boxes sturdy and attractive, but they can also be decorated with branded stickers, stamps or tags. Purchase some dry ice and pack everything into one of boxfox’s shipper and mailer boxes. This should keep your produce or produce-based products fresh and delicious until they reach your customers! Another benefit to this method of shipping is that dry ice doesn’t create moisture like its non-dry counterpart. Moisture wreaks havoc on fresh produce, so the more you can minimize it, the better! 

Offer same-day delivery

Another solution to ensure your produce arrives fresh and delicious to your clients. This is perfect if your business is close to a large metropolitan area that you can access easily. If not, there are numerous delivery services that you can collaborate with. That way, you can choose to pack your products in some of the beautiful hamper boxes boxfox offers. All boxfox’s boxes also pack flat, so you can keep a few in stock and package your orders on demand and can keep your produce refrigerated until the very last minute. This should guarantee freshness and maximum flavour! 

Another way to go about this is by having specific delivery days. That way, you gather the orders that were placed on the weekend or at the beginning of the week, pack them and ship them on the same day. 

Food grade desiccants

You might be familiar with desiccants as they are often included in products that are moisture or humidity sensitive, like electronics, certain leathers and, of course, food items. When packaging your catering boxes, include a few food-grade desiccants to ensure that moisture will be wicked far away from your delectable fresh produce products. Prepare your package as you would normally, then either add them into the hamper box or catering box and vacuum pack them with a plastic membrane or a decorative plastic (to ensure everything stays in place). If you are packing loose, add your desiccants to the mailer box.

Finally, if you have any questions or can’t find the exact packaging you need, feel free to get in touch with boxfox’s friendly and knowledgeable team. They will help you find the perfect solution for your products, sweet confections and fresh produce.