The 2021 Wedding Season Made Easy with boxfox

Come springtime, the living is easy, meaning it’s perfect weather for engagement parties and weddings!

Whether you’re a beautiful bride-to-be, esteemed guest or busy wedding decorator, we’ve has curated a collection of wedding accessories and packaging all in one place to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible. Read on to hear about some of our favourite casual wedding ideas and gifts, as well as how we can bring an elegant finish to all of your needs for the big day.

Here at boxfox, we believe that the best weddings aren't necessarily the most manicured or expensive, but instead, the ones where everyone has a great time — especially the happy couple! Over the last few decades, we've noticed planners moving away from the church and into the garden, creating a picnic or barbecue-style atmosphere where the drinks are flowing, and the flowers are growing.

It’s a common misconception that outdoor ceremonies don’t have the same refined flourish as a more conventional ceremony and reception, but we believe that any day can be made stylish and tasteful, regardless of location. Whether you’re aiming for a French provincial style with red-and-white gingham blankets, delectable hampers and abundant champagne or a slightly more structured approach with long white tables and a marquee, lilies and roses arranged as centrepieces and macaron party favours, every wedding is best remembered by the love and joy shared by all attending.

Preparing the minor details

During the planning stages, it's always important to consider how a wedding day will be remembered by those attending. One of the best ways to do this is through gorgeous favours for all guests. We believe that all that preparation and celebration shouldn’t be easily forgotten or limited to photographs, but instead, memorialised in a thank-you token for attending friends and family. After all, the guests are a huge part of what makes the day so special.

When considering wedding favours, it’s essential to make sure that your gift is long-lasting and memorable, whether it’s edible, a DIY piece, or a household ornament. Here at boxfox, we have your packaging needs covered, regardless of how you choose to keep the party going in the minds of your cherished attendees. With fully customisable boxes and packaging solutions on hand, you can do your special day your way.

Creating a visual aesthetic for your wedding

The visual identity of a wedding is a highly personal choice decided by the bride and groom. Wedding favours and styles aside, the best way to make a ceremony look amazing is to opt for a single, coherent stylistic approach that is planned well in advance and tailored to a set budget. Some of our industry insider tips include:

  • Choosing two / three colours to be central to your flowers, dress code and decorations;
  • Making a mood board of all your wedding inspirations either on paper or on Pinterest, so that you’re able to see how the different elements fit together; and
  • Seeking the advice of friends or professionals, but sticking to what YOU like.

From casual through to courtly, boxfox is here to support your special day — we can already hear the wedding bells!