Preparing for the 2021 Christmas Season

The second half of the year signals that the festive season is just around the corner (yay!). It may seem far away when you scan your calendar, but trust us – it has a habit of sneaking up on you. So this year, we’re getting ahead with this helpful piece, guiding you through some pre-season foresight on packaging up your seasonal goodies.

People notice the small and thoughtful touches that you put into their gift and using these details can help ensure your gesture stands out from mass-produced alternatives. For example, you can easily brighten up the recipient’s day during a busy time of the year, just by using exciting, custom packaging.

Whether you’re putting together a grazing platter, baking some goodies for a party or piecing together a hamper for a loved one, there are plenty of ways to add a festive touch. If you’re a little stuck on how to incorporate the Christmas cheer into your packaging, consider a few of these ideas below.

Add a pop of colour to your gift packaging

Christmas doesn’t need to be all about glitter, mistletoe and reindeers. Add a subtle touch of festivity into your packaging with our Coloured Gift Boxes. The red option will get your recipient into the fun, festive spirit, whereas the gold design adds a layer of sophistication to your styling. Top it off with a glossy, black ribbon for a premium touch.

Include festive treats

Enhance your Christmas presents with a dash of red in your goodies. Try one of our open Deluxe Hamper Trays and include some juicy, red cherries or grapes for a grazing platter. Alternatively, opt for some raspberry/cranberry muffins in red cupcake liners for an afternoon tea gathering.

Short on time? Some classic red-wrapped milk chocolate hearts are an easy way to please the crowd, whilst also filling up your hamper space.

Try homemade touches

By being extra prepared this year, you can spend more time on your gift inclusions. People appreciate hands-on touches – if you’re an impressive baker, think gingerbread cookies or a Christmas cake.

If you want to make the most of your backyard produce, homemade jams and sauces are the perfect way to use it all up.

Even if you’re not comfortable in the kitchen, a simple hand-written note shows your client or loved one that you’ve put some thought into the gift. Go the extra mile and drop in a Christmas-themed recipe or cocktail.

Think outside the box

If you’re putting together a gift box for a loved one, personalise the inclusions for them and move away from the clichés. You don’t want them to receive the same three bottles of champagne or end up with multiple scented candles to regift.

Do they love cocktails? Send them a canned spritz. Are they environmentally conscious? Find a wine bottle from a company that allows them to be returned and refilled.

When you’re ready to send your personalised gift hamper, our Magnetic Closure Boxes are a secure and impressive way to put together your gift this holiday season.