Why Gift Hampers are the Biggest Trend for Easter 2021

Easter can be a particularly challenging holiday to shop for, especially if you want to give something personalised and unique, rather than just the usual chocolate eggs and bunnies.

To mix things up, Easter gift hampers are becoming a more popular option, mostly because they help you prepare for the holiday early. You can also schedule gifts in advance and create something truly beautiful and unique.

But the benefits don’t just end there. Let’s tempt you a little further…

The benefits of personalised Easter hampers

They can be personalised and customised

There may once have been a time when you were limited to the gift hampers on offer, but now you can find sites where you can easily mix and match and deliver a personalised experience for the person you are shopping for. This approach makes gift hampers incredibly thoughtful, and instead of providing a single present to your loved ones, you can send a wide array of goodies that are sure to bring a smile.

They are affordable

Gift hampers only have to cost what you can afford in your budget. If you need to buy presents for many people and don't want to spend a fortune, it is possible to get everyone something that they are going to love that is bursting with variety and creativity. You can choose to centre one large item with several small things around it or just send an array of smaller objects, which will still be very well received.

They are extremely convenient options

We live in a fast-paced world, and people are looking for convenience wherever they can find it. Easter gift hampers are an excellent way to quickly and easily put together exciting options, while not sacrificing quality.

They look fantastic and have a wide range of delicious treats in them for the recipient to enjoy. It will save you enormous time trying to find each individual item across many different stores or websites; the hard work is already done for you.

They come in themes to suit all occasions

Unsurprisingly, hampers are also becoming a trend for many other occasions –including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, work milestones and even Halloween.

This is because they can be customised to suit the theme so you can enjoy the convenience all year round and deliver attractive and creative options with minimal fuss.

They can be sent anywhere

With the right packaging, you can safely send gift hampers to loved ones far and wide, without fear of delicate items being destroyed. boxfox has a wide range of different boxes, perfect for packaging gift hampers in different colours.

These are designed to be robust and rigid to withstand freight and include clear windows, carry handles and more.

Tip: Designs like our L’Artisan cupcake boxes provide an easy way to send Easter treats to someone, anywhere in the country. Our luxury gifting cases are also the perfect option.

Easter egg hunt, anyone?