Make the Perfect Pet Hamper

There’s nothing like giving back to your furry friend, and we have no shame about treating man’s best friend to some of the best pet hampers around. So, in this article, we’re exploring how you can hit the nail on the head for making the perfect bundle of goodies for your pal, from the most suitable packaging to creative ideas to tie it all together.

Let’s send those tails wagging, shall we?

How do you make a pet hamper gift basket?

It takes a little thought, practicality, and great packaging to pull a basket of goods together – no matter who (or what species) it’s for. If you let your mind wander, you’ll end up with a whole plethora of creative options to take your gift to the next level – and that’s half the fun.

It’s even more exciting when the recipient is your little fluffy friend. Think of all the things dogs love – roaming and exploring for food, playtime and walks, treats and toys. From there, you just have to take your pick from all the choices on the market and narrow it down to fit into your hamper (that’s probably the most challenging part).

The theme and purpose are always important; are you looking to get an all-in-one starter pack wrapped up and ready to go, or just focus on one area?  What kind of K-9 is your basket for? Can you see a smile creeping up on the owner’s face when your creation catches their eye? Or is it for your very own special friend?

These questions give you the necessary answers and sparks of genius that can make a hamper all the more remarkable, so don’t skip out on this part of the process; preparation is always key.

Once you have those answers, the next step is to consider what kind of packaging you want to use. The traditional container or box is one thing that makes a present what it is, so spend plenty of time planning this part out and exploring your options.

If you need a go-to, we recommend opting for one of our display boxes, which are made to be put front and centre in shopfronts, or those on the other end of gift-giving.

What should I put in a new puppy gift basket?

A puppy hamper is probably the most adorable thing to put together. Chances are, those who have just bought a new friend like this don’t quite know what they’re in for, so a helping hand goes a long way.

Starting with food, natural dog treat hampers are one of the best ideas to kick things off with and are well-loved by all. Filled with different treats for different occasions, they make for ideal training tools, as puppies learn what acceptable behaviour is both in and out of the house. Boxfox’s windowed grab boxes will make any puppy calm when they can see the treat they are going to get!

Dog toy packs are another gift idea you can’t go wrong with and will bring needless hours of fun and play to pets and their pals. Featuring squeaky, squishy or soft toys, they offer a whole variety of playtime options that keep puppies occupied and entertained, so they don’t cause trouble elsewhere.

Want to go the extra mile? Personalised dog hampers will do the trick

Our four-legged friends have their unique personalities and interests, just like us. To cater best to them – or their human counterparts – there’s no better present than a personalised hamper.

If you have a special pal or person in mind, gather the little things you know they’ll love and we’ll help you put them together with one of our stylish boxes. From there it’s all tail-wagging and smiles.

Happy hampering!