World Chocolate Day 2023 – Celebrate the Chocoholics in Your Life!

On July 7th, the world celebrates one of the most popular, silky, sinfully delicious treats - chocolate! Why not celebrate the Chocoholics in your life with the help of boxfox! 

Send your favourite chocolate lovers a luscious and attractive gift box with a selection of indulgent chocolate treats, to celebrate World Chocolate Day 2023!

You probably came to this article to get some fun, thoughtful and of course delicious gift box ideas. We’ll get to that, but first - let’s take a moment to celebrate the history of chocolate, in honour of World Chocolate Day.

Chocolate has been with us for more than three thousand years! Aztec, Mayan and Toltec people made a brew out of the fruit of the cocoa tree. In fact, the Mayan people revered chocolate so much, they believed it was the sacred food of the gods. 

Today chocolate is made from the roasted cocoa beans that are first fermented. This raw material is then ground into a paste, has various flavours and ingredients such as milk, vanilla or biscuits and wafers added and is finally delivered to our eager tastebuds! 

Now that we’ve done a bit of housekeeping, lets get onto the chocolate-y gift box ideas! 

The dark chocolate gift box

Dark chocolate has become increasingly popular in recent years, largely due to its complex, robust taste profile that can include floral and coffee notes while still allowing the cocoa’s creamy texture to carry through. 

Additionally, it usually has no milk and little sugar added to it, which makes it perfect for people with food sensitivities, vegans or just individuals who prefer the more rich taste profile dark chocolate offers. 

If you want to really go all out on World Chocolate Day this year, you can score some amazing artisanally made dark chocolate bars, which are often created with adventurous ingredients such as pink peppercorns, chilli or even sea salt. 

Grab one of boxfox’s Gloss Black Chocolate Box, to help you keep with the theme, visit a local chocolatier or patisserie (they often create chocolate sweets) and fill it up with dark chocolate treats! 

A box for the milk chocolate lovers

Milk chocolate was one of the first commercially available forms of cocoa-based treats and accounts for almost half of all chocolate sales globally. 

It is usually sweeter and creamier due to the addition of milk, vanilla and sugar. It is also the most widely available type of chocolate - which makes your task as a gift giver much easier. Many bakeries, candy stores and dedicated chocolatiers have a huge selection of milk chocolate treats, sweets and pastries which you can put in a very attractive Gloss White Chocolate Box, and create the perfect World Chocolate Day gift box! 

Increase sales with World Chocolate Day

Although a no-brainer, if you are a chocolatier, bakery or pastry shop, World Chocolate Day 2023 can be a great opportunity to bolster and increase sales. 

You can purchase some of boxfox’s attractive sweet boxes, that pack flat for ease of use and come in multiple sizes and colours, to create a curated box of choco-treats celebrating World Chocolate Day. 

You can either give smaller sample boxes as gifts to customers that visit your store on the day, or offer a special limited collection of expertly created chocolate confections!