How To Decorate Cupcakes And Cookies For Kids This Easter

If you’ve been on YouTube, TikTok or any other social media app recently, then you know that “DIYing” is all the rage. Some of the biggest channels are in fact ones that share instructional videos that show you how to bake, cook and even decorate your confections. 

And what better way to engage your kids and their friends over the Easter break than to help them decorate their own sweet treats! You can even grab some beautiful treat boxes from boxfox so your guests can take their creations home.

Here is a helpful list of ideas to get you started!

Decorate your Easter cookies with gold leaf and edible glitter

Gold leaf and edible glitter is all the rage in the culinary world. You can get them in all the colours of the rainbow, including the festive pastels of Easter, like periwinkle, teal, pink, yellow and green. 

They are primarily made of crystallized sugar and an edible gum, much like hundreds and thousands. Although I’m sure you are a responsible adult and you don’t need this disclaimer, always ensure that the glitter you are purchasing is edible as craft quality glitters are made of indigestible materials such as plastics and even glass.

For a more upscale version, you can cover your Easter cookies, cupcakes and doughnuts with icing and edible gold leaf. The gold leaf application process is a bit more particular than sprinkles so this may be better for older children that have a bit more dexterity. 

You can save the craft-quality glitter and gold leaf to decorate attractive grab boxes or hamper trays you get from boxfox! 

Decorate your Easter cookies with icing pens and gel icing

Another fun and controlled way for younger children to decorate their Easter cupcakes and cookies is with icing pens and gel icing. These are small tubes with a narrow spout or funnel at the end and as you squeeze the tube, it lays down narrow lines of delectable icing. 

You can use these to make intricate filigree designs, Easter bunny faces and even cute yellow chicks! An added benefit for the supervising parent is that this type of decorating is usually cleaner and more controlled than other Easter cookie decorating ideas in this article. 

Grab some of the attractive Amelia Cupcake Boxes and decorate them with gel ink and “puff paint” since they closely match the quality of line that icing pens and icing gels produce! 

Decorate Easter cookies with edible inks, edible paints and an airbrush

An easy and quick way to decorate Easter cookies and Easter cupcakes is with stencils and edible inks. This type of decoration requires just a bit of groundwork, unlike the other methods on the list. To get the best results you will need a layer of thin rolled-out fondant, cut to match the top of your confection. This is easy to do with a rolling pin and a cookie cutter. 

Kitchen supply stores carry various food-safe stencils and some even sell affordable canister-based airbrushes for the application of edible inks and paints. Of course, you can also apply these materials with brushes as well. 

If you visit the craft store grab some cutout foam Easter shapes to decorate one of the lovely window boxes which are a great blank canvas for your kids’ designs, but also an amazing way to display your edible creations!