Hamper Trays

Hamper trays are open ‘baskets’ that are ideal for displaying and packaging a variety of gift items or products, including food and bottles. What you put in them is up to your imagination!

Cardboard hamper trays that look the part

The sky is really the limit when it comes to these stunning creations and a large part of the gift is the presentation itself. You can assemble all kinds of luxury items together so they complement each other and include decorations and treats to fill every space for an indulgent treat for all of the senses. These decorative designs can be as small or as grand as you like and can include anything you want to put in there, which can mean fragile or delicate items. When you are putting together a masterpiece of your own, it is important to put as much thought into the presentation, just as much as the contents – and we’ve got the perfect answer.

boxfox’s fantastic range covers the tiny to the magnificent and are perfect for cafés and confectioners, retailers, gift-giving, parties and events for any occasion. Our designs are all made from quality materials, in a range of stylish gloss or earthy kraft finishes. They’re simple to fold, with no need for glue or tape, easy to store and safe to carry even with heavier contents.

Looking to go the extra mile? We also stock a range of deluxe hamper trays for that extra splash of indulgence and we also stock square hamper boxes so you have plenty of choice for the right tray for your next gift.

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