Celebrate The Women In Your Life in March for International Women’s Day 2023

According to UNESCO’s official website, International Women’s Day celebrates the progress made towards the empowerment of women and the victories achieved in the struggle for gender equality. 

Women have accomplished amazing achievements and contributed to every single aspect of society from finance to science, architecture to aviation. This is an amazing opportunity to celebrate these achievements and celebrate the women around you. boxfox can help you make a lasting impression and show your appreciation with its huge selection of gift boxes 

Need some help coming up with ideas for International Women’s Day gifts? This article will help you put together a great gift box. 

Show how much you value your team

Many businesses like to show their appreciation for their staff by giving them thoughtfully put-together gift boxes. You can include products from local women-owned businesses, restaurants and vendors.  

Small hamper boxes are great for this type of gift package since they close securely and slide open to display all the amazing products you’ve sourced. Make your gift green with recycled decorative elements and packing. 

Support local Female-Owned Business

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women and what better a celebration of that than supporting Female-Owned businesses? 

Grab some brilliant red boxes and plenty of non-perishable products like candles, self-care products or expertly crafted objects and create amazing gift boxes you can give for multiple occasions including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and new births.  

The Literary Box

There is an endless list of extraordinary women wordsmiths, from Mary Shelley (the inventor of both horror and contemporary sci-fi), Agatha Christie (one of the most influential mystery/crime writers of the 20th Century) to Harper Lee (creator of the staple To Kill a Mockingbird). Why not put together a hamper box of cherished books created by women authors? 

This also gives you an amazing opportunity to create a very personalized gift. If you know the person you are gifting well, you can choose books or genres of books that you think they’ll enjoy or have talked about reading but never got around to it. 

You can also add book-reading gadgets, like book lights, bookmarks and even some artisanal coffee or treats to enjoy when they sit down to enjoy these masterful literary works. 

The Intimate Gift

If you would like to celebrate a woman in your life that is extremely important to you, jewellery is a great way to show your love and appreciation. boxfox offers attractive and sturdy gift boxes that are perfect for precious presents. 

An International Women’s Day gift should commemorate achievements, so think about what your special person’s achievements are and try to honour these with custom-created jewellery. For example, if your gift recipient is a researcher, you can find necklaces online that are microscopes or represent specific chemical compounds. 

Need help finding the perfect packing solution for your gift? Feel free to get in touch with boxfox’s friendly and knowledgeable staff!