Make Your Next Outdoor Picnic a Breeze With The Best Catering Boxes

The temperatures are climbing, the mozzies are out on the prowl, and thongs are flip-flopping on the street. 

There’s only one thing that means - it’s picnic season! 

To be a true savant of the picnic, a guru of the terrestrial spread… an epicure of outdoor dining you’ll need a little help. This article will show how to take your impressive picnic experience to the next level. boxfox has some surprising solutions for your outdoor lunch - including sturdy catering boxes and grazing boxes to carry all your delectable treats. 

Keep your ducks (sandwiches) in a row

Although sandwiches are arguably designed to travel easily in one hand, transporting multiple sandwiches that are packed high with delicious meats and veg to your picturesque location of choice, can be a bit of a challenge. 

I hate to break it to you, but you might need a touch of calculation here - to figure out how many sandwiches are needed to pack them tightly next to their delicious peers, ensuring that your sandwiches keep all their delicious contents between the bread.  

boxfox’s foldout catering boxes are perfect for transporting all kinds of food items, especially sandwiches. With a convenient window and the ability to pack flat - or be opened flat when you reach your destination, they will ensure your sandwiches reach their picnic destination perfectly wrapped and stacked! 

Snack attack pack

To truly be the master of the picnic, strategic choices are needed - what will your guest munch on as they wait for you to unpack, lay down the blanket and organize refreshments? 

Become the hero of eating al-fresco with an expertly created grazing box. Choose from a huge selection of grazing boxes and fill them up with crunchy savoury treats your guests, family and friends can enjoy while you put the final touches on your perfect picnic. 

Fill up on locally sourced nuts and crisps, pretzels and mixed crackers. Here’s a little picnic hack: try to choose snacks that aren’t messy since you’re out in the great outdoors and running water might be limited. Although we all love gooey, chewy treats, they are much more enjoyable when you can wash your hands! 

Make Picnic Packing Easy

If you don’t have tons of helpers to put your picnic together, pack your edible items into convenient carrier hamper boxes. They feature handles on the top and a window, so you can see what you’ve packed. 

Although aesthetics are usually sacrificed for practicality, this isn’t the case with our boxes - all of boxfox’s products come in a variety of colour options, so you can choose the ones that appeal the most to you. 

This is extremely useful if you are a catering service provider (that might even deliver to picnic participants) that has to deliver multiple orders. The window allows you to see the contents, ensuring that the vegan options go where they need to as so do the BLTs. 

Need Help?

Looking for a specific packaging solution and haven’t come across it on our website? Feel free to get in touch with boxfox’s friendly and knowledgeable staff that will help you find exactly what you need!