Cheers to Dad! Father’s Day Gift Ideas Presented in a Wine Box or Beer Carrier

Although Mother’s Day is the Christmas of parental holidays, Father’s deserves a bit of love too! The usual go-to gift for Dads’ around the world are socks are ties…why not get a bit creative and give him something a bit more elevated, packed up in an attractive wine or beer carrier? 

Hopefully, this article will help you give good old Dad the perfect gift for Father’s Day!

Artisan Six Pack & Snacks

Although most dads have no problem kicking back with a refreshing affordable lager, artisan or craft beers are always a special treat. Imbued with flavours such as nutmeg, chocolate, citrus and featuring full body – these libations delight the palette! Grab yourself a 6 pack beer carrier - Kraft and fill it up with a variety of craft brews from around your area. To take your gift to the next level, add a collapsable case with magnetic closure filled with savoury nuts and treats from your favourite deli! 

Wine Aficionado

Australia is one of the world’s leading exporters of fine wine, so arguably, there’s no better place in the world for a wine aficionado! If Daddy dearest partakes in a bit of vino on the weekends, then why not create a fine wine collection as a Father’s Day gift. Remember the best gift is something you’d like but would never buy for yourself! So, fill up a 6 bottle wine carrier – kraft with a selection of the highest quality Australian wines on the market. If you aren’t a wine connoisseur yourself, ask your local bottle shop owner for recommendations, they are usually more than happy to help! 

The Bait & Switch

The unexpected always adds extra flair to a gift…so why not make the gift an invitation to an experience? Most Australian vineyards offer wine tasting and tours or lodging on their beautiful grounds. Visit your preferred vineyard, explore the options they offer and then grab a few bottles of the wine they produce. Put the bottles of locally sourced vino in a wine carrier and give them to Pops on his special day. 

Then give your dad the wine and when he thanks you for it - say “but that’s not the gift!” and give him the aeroplane tickets and booking reservations for the vineyard visit. Make it a family trip or a romantic getaway for Dad and Mom. 

How to get it to Dad

Although we’d love to be close to our loved ones, sometimes we’re not. You can still let Dad know you are thinking about him by shipping your gift to him - in a secure and robust hamper mailing box! Almost all of boxfox carriers and packaging are collapsible, so they are easy to store and ship to their destination! If you have any questions or need some help choosing the right box for shipping, get in touch, boxfox will be more than happy to help!