Christmas Is Coming! And It's In A Perfect Catering Box!

You might be surprised to hear that Christmas is only a few months away. Trees and ornaments will soon be decorated, homes will be bursting with excitement and beautifully wrapped gifts. Businesses will show their appreciation to their clients and partners with generous hamper trays filled to the brim with delicious confections. It’s a time when families get together to share a meal, laugh and, of course, figure out how to put together the kids’ toys (it’s harder than you think and don’t even get us started on the ones that need charging or batteries). 

There is a detail that people often overlook around this season - the humble box. They help get gifts and treats to their destinations in immaculate condition, no matter how many miles they travel and are the first thing gift-givers see when they get their present. boxfox covers all your needs for catering Christmas meals or sending Christmas-themed treats. Here are few ideas to help get your Christmas party or dinner off to a great start! 

Gather round the grazing box!

Putting out a delicious arrangement of snacks in an attractive grazing box can help gather your guest to socialize before the meal, creating a warm and jovial atmosphere. With boxfox’s huge selection of boxes and packaging, you can create a snack box that will please and entice even your most discerning guest!

Corporate gifts never looked so good

Businesses love to show their appreciation around the holidays by giving their customers, partners, and employees stunningly curated gift boxes. To help add a bit more prestige and opulence to your gift, why not package it in a magnetic closure box? Available in a multitude of sizes and uses, you will find one that best fits the items you include in your gift package. 

Have a lot of friends and family? You’ll Need Space!

Although gift-giving fills the heart, it can also fill the living room, kitchen, and office. Save valuable space when you act as Kris Kringle ambassador with Hamilton collapsable cases, which are a one-piece stackable construction. This design is also immensely beneficial to small and medium businesses that may not have the storage space for non-folding boxes. As with all of boxfox’s packaging solutions, the Hamilton is exceptionally well made and attractive! 

Christmas spirit delivered to your door

Small businesses can benefit immensely from the increase in activity around the holiday season. Offering your clientele Christmas gift boxes that they can give as gifts or buy for their own Christmas parties creating an extra revenue stream and further promoting your brand. How you ask? boxfox’s packages are beautiful, and they give you a blank surface to add stickers with your logo and address on them, rubber stamps or even adhere brochures with your products to them. 

If you have any questions or need a bit of help choosing the right packaging for your application, feel free to get in touch with boxfox, they will guide you through your purchase and ensure you have the perfect solution for your needs!