Horse Racing Season Is Here – Sell Your Hats In The Best Packaging Available

Horse racing season is upon us, and the more sartorially minded spectators will be looking for beautiful attention-getting hats and accoutrements. 

If you are a milliner, fashion designer or even hat maker, this time of the year gives you the opportunity to increase your sales and promote both your brand and designs. boxfox’s hat boxes offer many benefits if you intend to ship your hats and designs across Australia or even the entire world during horse racing season: 

  • Protect your products with sturdy well-made packaging
  • Use the attractive blank to promote your brand
  • Ability to promote new product lines or your latest fashion collections

Keep reading to find out more about each benefit and how to use it to maximise your sales during Horse racing season this year!

Use boxfox Hat Boxes to Protect Your Hats

boxfox offers a huge range of hat boxes, shirt boxes, hamper boxes and boxes with magnetic closures. All of the boxes are robust, and some models are even able to be stored flat - like the small shirt box - perfect if you have multiple orders to ship out but have limited studio/shop space during the horse racing season. 

Having access to such an extensive range of boxes is perfect for hat makers or milliners that offer multiple types of fashion accessories of varying sizes and fragility. This also gives you the ability to choose a larger box to ship multiple products or designs in a single shipment, lowering the cost for both you and your client! 

Pro Tip - Try to include a complementary item when sending orders out, an affordable hat pin or brooch for example. This can create a positive and lasting first impression and is a nice surprise for your new clients.

Use boxfox’s Blank Hat Boxes to Promote Your Brand

boxfox’s boxes are not only resilient but a blank canvas that you can use to promote your brand. Use various adhesive finishes, stickers or stamps to embellish the surface of your package, which not only helps with brand recognition but also elevates the customer experience. 

Pro tip - to add an additional eclectic and refined element to your packaging, close it with a wax seal and satin rope. This exudes exclusivity, elegance and quality. Breaking a wax seal on a freshly arrived package adds another positive layer to the customer experience, creating a lasting impression. 

Promote New Products or Fashion Collections

Just like the outside of your packaging from boxfox is a blank canvas, so is the inside. Use the opportunity to include promotional materials such as leaflets, product or fashion collection catalogues, discount codes for future purchases or ways to contact you for questions. 

Pro tip - You can also use this as an opportunity to invite your clients to follow you on social media, sign up for a newsletter or leave a review via a card with a QR code for convenience. 

Have any questions or are you looking for a specific packaging solution? Get in touch with boxfox’s friendly and knowledgeable team!