Market Your Jewellery Business With These 5 Pillow Box Ideas

We all know the saying - great things come in small boxes - but small boxes like the Pillow Boxes boxfox offers can also help you promote your brand, market your jewellery business and make a lasting impression!

Packaging may seem like a purely functional part of your operations, protecting your beautiful jewellery pieces and ensuring they arrive in pristine condition and they undoubtedly do that! But packaging is the first impression you make on your customer so it can help build anticipation and help spread the word about the great work you are doing! 

Wondering how? Luckily you came across this helpful article that will give you five great ideas for marketing your jewellery business with boxfox’s great pillow boxes.

Wax Seal Branding

Nothing says luxury like the combination of a satin or silk binding sealed with wax. Not only does it lend an air of vintage opulence, but it also creates the excitement of being the first to reveal the treasure that is hidden inside. You can choose a seal that characterises your business or commission a custom seal with your brand on it.

Marketing Your Jewellery in a Pillow Box

boxfox’s attractive pillow packs are blank canvas both inside and outside for your branding and marketing materials. Add a small catalogue featuring other select pieces of jewellery you offer or upcoming collections to create some highly-sought after buzz, especially when dealing with repeat customers.

A Blank Canvas for Your Art!

If you are a small jewellery studio or an artisans’ workshop, hand decorating the outside of your pillow box can add a bit of personalised flair and create a lasting impression on your clients. Make it impressive enough, and some might even keep it as a memento! A small hand-drawn image adds an amazing and thoughtful addition. Pro tip: you can make your own “rubber stamp” with a piece of printing linoleum that covers the entire front and back of the box. This is made even easier since boxfox’s pillow boxes lay flat.   

Brand a Box with Custom Stickers

Decorate the outside of your jewellery boxes with stickers emblazoned with your logo or brand. In addition, you can combine this with other adornments to create a box unique for each client. You can also offer a custom gift box design option for a small fee for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and newborns!

Go Digital, Create Action

If you decide to include a single sheet leaflet or small brochure of your jewellery or jewellery brand, use a QR code to invite new customers to sign up for your newsletter or visit your website. This can help brand retention and keep you in touch with your clientele. Offer new clients or dormant customers a discount to entice them to re-visit and scroll through your latest designs! 

Boxfox not only offers an amazing collection of pillow boxes perfect for your precious jewellery designs but other useful packaging solutions. Looking for something specific? boxfox’s eager and knowledgable staff with answer any questions you may have!