How To Deliver The Perfect Gift To Your Child’s Educators in 2022

The beginning of the school year is a flurry of excitement, activity and fun. Kids are eager to see their old friends and classmates after a long break and teachers are ready to continue moulding young minds into the leaders of the future. 

Teachers spend the majority of the day with our children, not only teaching and mentoring them but also keeping them safe and happy. That’s why it's important that we show our appreciation for these civil servants that dedicate their life to a brighter future. With a little help from boxfox and this article, you’ll be able to put together the perfect teacher appreciation gift! 

A Sweet Treat for your Favourite Educator

Have you found an eclectic local bakery or artisan confectioner that creates the perfect sweet treat? Why not share your delectable discovery with your favourite educator? boxfox has purpose-designed solutions: dozen macaron boxes, cupcake shipper boxes, doughnut window boxes and a huge selection of treat boxes to choose from. 

Multiple Teachers, Multiple Gifts?

It takes a village right? Big happy families usually have multiple educators to treat! If that’s the case and you are running low on space, boxfox offers treat boxes that can be stored flat. Just buy your treats in bulk, grab a box, and ship it out! 

We know that time is precious when you have a lot of little ones, but a bit of personalisation can go a long way. Why not involve the tots and have them decorate the outside of the teacher appreciation gift? boxfox’s boxes are a blank canvas, that you can decorate with stickers, drawings and stamps! Leave the box flat for decorating to make it even easier! 

A Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

If you know your children’s teacher well, you can create a thoughtful teacher’s gift package that will be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Is your favourite educator a coffee connoisseur? Why not source some delicious whole bean coffee to fuel them during early morning lessons? Or are they a tea drinker? Get them some fresh loose-leaf tea and sweet or savoury treats to complement it! 

The Wearable Teacher’s Gift

Teachers leave a lasting impression on their students and pupils, why not return the favour by adding some wearable mementos to your gift box created by local artists or artisans? Things that teachers can wear with their everyday attire is perfect, like knitted caps or gloves for the winter, brooches and pins or even handmade jewellery. Another great idea is finding a unique and attractive ceramic or travel mug. In many cases, these mugs can even be customised to feature the teachers' school or favourite sports team! 

Need help choosing the right box for the perfect teacher appreciation gift you chose? Get in touch with boxfox’s friendly and knowledgeable staff, and they’ll definitely help you out!