How to Cater for Baby Showers in Summer

Baby showers are a joyous occasion, but they can be tricky to plan. In winter, you can normally host your shower in the home of one of the guests, but outdoor parties are perfect for summer baby showers.

There are so many fun things that you can do to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby in gardens or park venues, all under the warm and radiating sun. One thing to consider, however, is how to best cater to the needs of your guests in the heat of summer. In this article, we explore some helpful tips to best prepare.

Be Sure to Use Bright Colours and Festive, Floral Patterns

When you’re out in nature, you want to keep the theme going. As you introduce tables, chairs and other pieces of equipment to the space, be sure to hang colourful streamers and balloons that embrace floral designs throughout the shower area. This will create a festive atmosphere that aligns with your surroundings, and help distract any guests from warm weather discomfort.

Places for shade are also crucial, so tall, easily-portable gazebos are perfect if you can’t find a spot adequately covered by overhanging trees. You can also try introducing some colours, fabrics or reflecting materials to divert the impact of the sun and keep the space comfortable and colourful.

Be Sure to Prepare for the Summer Heat for Your Guests (Including the Babies)

While we all love the sunshine, it is best to be prepared. We have the shade covered, but there are some more steps you can take to ensure you are adequately protecting all of your guests:

  • Serve cold food items, such as fruit salads and ice cream. If you're having an outdoor party, make sure to have an icebox on hand, or use cooling gels and ice packs to prevent food from going warm.
  • Alongside the food, be sure to have a good supply of iced water for guests to drink. Pair this with soft drinks, juices, and even alcohol if you wish, but on hot days, it is important that everyone has a direct means of staying refreshed and hydrated.
  • Be conscious of the babies attending. They cannot yet regulate their body temperature as efficiently as adults, so there needs to be designated stations where parents can change and feed their little ones without having to leave the celebrations.

Decorate Gift Boxes to Match the Theme

What’s a baby shower without a deluge of gifts for the mother to be? Taking such effort to decorate the shower area, keep the themes going by decorating special gift boxes. Make sure it’s festive and colourful by

  • Use brightly coloured tissue paper to line the inside of the box.
  • Wrapping a piece of ribbon or twine around the box and tie a bow on top.
  • Gluing on some colourful flowers or leaves.
  • Sticking on some stickers in fun patterns or designs.
  • Drawing a border around the edge of the box with a bright coat of paint.
  • Cut out some shapes from colourful construction paper.

Be sure to select well-constructed and reliable gift boxes, capable of holding both your design, and the precious goods inside them. Review our selection today for more information.