The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Mum on Mother's Day

Does Mother’s Day have you stumped? Gift-giving can be a challenge, and the more you care about the recipient, the harder it is. Luckily, you came across this article, which hopefully will help you choose a unique gift for one of the most precious people in your life. 

And as we all know, the mothers in our lives always go that extra step, so we’ll even show you how to create a thoughtful and heartfelt gift bundle too! 

Personalised Gifts for Mum (and Grandma) 

Most mums have fridges covered in their children’s’ and grandchildren’s’ drawings. Family photos adorn shelves and sit atop mantlepieces. Even if you are far away, you can fill a beautiful and sturdy magnetic closure gift box with framed pictures of your family, letters (which are incredibly precious in the digital age) and drawings made by your little Picassos! For a bit of gift-giving flair, why not have one of the little ones design the wrapping paper too?

A Sweet Treat for the Sweetest Person

If you’re handy around the kitchen, why not make your mum a half dozen (or more) delicious cupcakes for Mother’s Day? Start with her favourite type of cake; vanilla, chocolate, coconut or carrot. Create frosting in her favourite colour and decorate it with candy bits and glitter that have significance for you and your family. Why not have your little ones decorate a special cupcake for Nanna? 

Just make sure there’s a bit of supervision because you might end up with a chocolate cupcake covered in vanilla frosting, jellybeans, sour worms and cucumber slices. 

Finally, grab a magnetically closing cupcake box for a bit more pizzaz and send it off in the post. Even if you live next to your Mum, think of the smile on her face when she gets a cute little box filled with adorably decorated sweet treats? 

If Mum isn’t a cupcake person? How about some charming, chewy macarons with decadent ganache or delectable jelly in the middle? A bit outside your comfort zone? No problem! There are tons of bakeries around Australia; some even specialise in delicious French treats! 

Just remember to grab a couple of nice treat boxes and a postage hamper box, so they arrive on mum’s doorstep in one piece! 

Memories That Last Forever

Mums love spending time with their children and grandchildren, so why not book a fun family mini-vacation or outing? Yes, Dad can come too, even though it's technically a Mother’s Day gift. 

If you want to make the entire affair even more “interactive” why not send your Mum a postage hamper box with items that are clues about what you are going to do. For example, if you are buying her tickets to Sydney Symphony, put a miniature Sydney Opera house or vintage opera glasses in it. Are you taking mum to a fancy French restaurant? Put a couple of bottles of French wine in a magnetically closing wine box with an invitation written in French! Is Mum a bit of a thrill-seeker? Put a scuba mask in a hamper box and enjoy the utter confusion that follows until you reveal she’ll need the mask for her scuba lessons! 

We hope that our article gave you some inspiration and a few options for a fantastic gift box for your mum on Mother’s Day!