How To Present The Perfect Gift For An Expecting Mother

Becoming a new mother can be a wondrous experience. It can also be a time when expecting mothers need love and support from their family and friends. A great way to help a new parent is to create a thoughtfully curated gift box with gifts for both mom and baby! 

Here’s a little hint; don’t forget the new mom! Self-care and pampering gifts go a long way! Most of the time we focus on the baby, getting onesies, plush toys and rattles. 

Need some help getting started on your showstopping gift box? This article will give some amazing gift box ideas for expecting mothers.

The Self Care Box

Mums dedicate their entire life to caring for their children, so why not give the new mother in your life a bit of well-deserved pampering? Grab a luxurious magnetic closure gift box from boxfox and fill it to the brim with cocoa butter body lotion, cooling and refreshing facial masks, locally sourced treats and sweets, relaxing herbal teas and lavish bath bombs. 

Locally and artisanally created self-care products add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. boxfox has an extensive collection of beautiful magnetic closure gift boxes that can hold flowers, cupcakes and blank boxes that can hold anything you’d like!

New Parent Life Hack Box

Do you have children and discovered a product or toy that completely changed the parenting game for you?  Grab a large, medium or small hamper box and add everything that made your life as a new parent easier! This could be anything from a nightlight that helped your little ones nod off easily, a special cream that calmed nappy rashes or a white noise machine that is worth its weight in gold. 

Especially if it's the expecting mother’s first child, they will appreciate any insight or help you can offer! Add in a few extra creature comforts like their favourite chocolate or bakery goods - because who wouldn’t appreciate a sweet treat?

New Baby Box

All new parents need a few essentials. Cute onesies are always useful since they are often worn under the baby’s outfit. BPA-free baby bottles, pacifiers and zippered food bags are extremely useful. All new parents need little knitted hats and gloves when the temperature drops, which is another great addition to your gift box. 

Want to add a bit of extra flair? You can find a local maker that creates custom or unique baby clothes, items or furniture. For bigger items that don’t fit in your gift box, grab a gift card or a pickup receipt with the expecting mother’s name!

Stack Up The Boxes!

Are you a person or business that sees a lot of new and expecting mothers? Why not send your patients and people under your care a gift box as thanks for choosing you or your practice to complete the amazing journey of childbirth together? Stock up on hamilton collapsable case and some of your favourite gift items, so you’re always ready to welcome a new life you helped usher into the world! 

Have any questions or need some help finding a specific packaging solution? Feel free to contact boxfox’s knowledgeable and friendly staff!