What Do Weddings Look Like in 2022?

Love always finds a way. Although life has changed in the past couple years, people are still falling in love, getting married, and are still sharing their joyous events with family and friends. Outdoor weddings are a great way to celebrate and enjoy your special day in a safe way. 

Outdoor weddings can create some amazing and beautiful decorative opportunities, unique ceremony arrangements and even give you some stunning motif inspirations. Still, it also comes with some unique considerations you wouldn’t have with an indoor wedding. Guest comfort is a key concern when having an outdoor wedding, and there are few other things you can do that will make your wedding unforgettable and your guests feel truly cherished. 

Create a Welcome Pack

If you’re expecting people to come to your outdoor wedding from all around Australia and the world; assuming you have booked rooms for their stay, you might want to prepare hamper trays with various treats, snacks, pampering and self-care products. If you have international arrivals, you might want to include a few things to make them feel especially welcome:

  • A guide with local attractions
  • Some of your favourite Australian sweets
  • A souvenir to commemorate your special event
  • Sunscreen (if your wedding is held during the warmer months) or moisturiser
  • Toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream etc.
  • A schedule of the days and activities leading up to your joyous event. 

For your local visitors, you can welcome them with a cupcake carrier box, filled with confections from your favourite local bakery! 

Create a Comfort Carrying Pack

Are your guests staying for some time before or after the wedding? Giving them carry packs with a few thoughtful necessities that will make them feel valued and pampered. You can include water bottles with custom printed labels (with the bride and groom on them, obviously), some dry fruits and nuts for a quick snack, maybe even some insect repellent if the area you are having the wedding is a bit “buggy”. One wedding I visited was held on the beach and the bride and groom gave the wedding party custom thongs that printed love and forever in the sand. That small gesture made the whole event just that much more memorable. Some weddings include disposable cameras in their welcome packs or comfort packs. This gives the guests the opportunity to record this celebration of love through their own eyes and also gives the couple a sneak peek into their friends’ shenanigans. 

The Bon Voyage Box

Another nice gesture you can extend to your guest is sending them off with Bon Voyage carry packs that can help make their trip home more pleasant. You can include some more snacks, some ginger tablets for motion sickness, bottled water, or better yet refillable bottles, maybe even some plush toys for the little ones! 

You want everyone to have fun, share in your joyous event and remember your special day fondly. Hopefully, this article helped inspire you and gave you some ideas!